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  • Mahima Rathore

    1DAAC Institute has a team of exceptional trainers who are able to not just deliver a training package but to inspire and challenge students. The trainers are constantly looking at ways to add value to our skills through various development initiatives.
    Current Status : Developer, Royal FED
  • Beena Bhagchandani

    1 "The courses which I have learned in "DAAC"( PHP/MySQL) are really knowledgeable and very helpful to me.They really provide the training from Developers and Project Leader who not only have experience in Coding but also have ample experience in analysis the projects. The trainers are very keen to clarify doubts, experienced and practical oriented. I would like to prefer this institute for every one who want to become Professional PHP Developer."
    Current Status : Baltech , Developer
  • Manish sharma

    1It was because of a friend’s recommendation that I decided to do my PHP course at DAAC, and having done the course, I can see why he spoke so highly about it.Staff members are incredibly welcoming, friendly, and importantly, have a vast amount of PHP and MySQL teaching experience. Moving to jaipur and starting a job in which I had no previous experience was obviously a daunting prospect, but the support from DAAC has been fantastic. The course certainly had its tough parts, but someone was always on hand to help in any way they could. No other institute provide such type of Live project experience as the students of DAAC got
    Current Status : Namrata Infomidia , Developer
  • Mahesh Sharma

    1The web designing course i did at this institute was a good learning experience.I was previously not confident of getting a job as Web Designer but now I am proud to be associated with a well known company.They assist us in job finding and also conduct interviews.I had practically no knowledge of the subject when i started but the Trainer is really good and this helped me a lot. I would definitely recommend it
    Current Status : Black Lotus , Designer
  • Mohd. Irfan

    1I am very happy with the services I have received from the DAAC.I have experience on web designing, but i got time to update my knowledge on web designing. First i was hesitate to join in any training institute, but with my friend suggestion i joined in DAAC.Then i realized how fortunate I am to have the opportunity to gain such a great experience. I have received very thorough training in my course and I am satisfied with the quality of the knowledge i have acquired in this course, classes are fun and informative.
    Current Status : 3I logics, Designer
  • Ritesh Jain

    1I came to DAAC Institute to be able to do just basic php course. But, i was pleasantly surprised by the extensive content they have to offer frankly speaking there fees seems to bit high to me but when I compared there offerings with others it worth. Also the teaching/ Faculty has also been impressive with their wide knowledge in web technologies and the unrelenting support even after the course. I would definitely recommend Doomshell Academy for the web designing course & look forward for their online classes for the future courses.
    Current Status : Creator Sdow, Developer
  • Himanshu

    1"The course for Php at Doomshell Academy was a very good learning experience. Prior to joining the course but I was not able to get a job.Then one of my friend recommend me to DAAC. The course material was highly structured with hands-on sessions. The practical experience I got a DAAC is astonishing Now, I am confident designer and animator.I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to become a professional web designer."
    Current Status : Creator Sdow, Developer r
  • Manoj Kumar

    1The Trainer was excellent, she has got the knowledge skills and patience to deliver the web design course. The Best part of the course is that we learn the way the design lead and designers work in the company. The Live project sessions are providing the best training to reduce the gap between a designer and fresher. I highly recommend the course.
    Current Status : Web square Software, Designer
  • maneesh Jangid

    1The content was all relevant and software involved are only those which are needed for Web Designing .It is the only institute which not only focus on traditional method of training I feel confident that I can apply what I've learnt The attention and support from the tutor was excellent, as were the many different aspects to the programme.
    The tutor always seemed happy to come back and recap wherever you needed to."
    Current Status : Accrete Technology, Designer
  • Deepak Yadav

    1As someone with no experience in web designing I did not have a list of things I wanted to learn, however I am very confident to say that I have now learnt the skills to create and later update websites I searched for many institutes but finally landed to DAAC as one of my friend has also done his course from DAAC.I am now comfortably doing my job.I am waiting for there online courses to be launched
    Current Status : Live More Technologies, Designer
  • Arohi

    1I had some knowledge on .Net technologies particularly programming in C#. I started my course in DAAC. I just followed the path suggested . I followed every thing what he told me to do. It took me 3 months to finish the course and additional two month to finish live project. Once I finished, I got confidence to attend interviews. I got success in my fourth interview and got job. The way we learn a technology makes difference. We can read from text books or we can follow MSDN or we can get training else where. But at DAAC way of teaching is different.
    I am very happy to recommend this course.
    Current Status : Baltech, Developer
  • Deepak Sharma

    1I found the training methodology is good and unique. This php training is different from other such trainings because it gives practical exposure to PHP concepts. I would like to recommend this training to students because I got placed in same company after completing this training at a respectable position and learning new PHP concepts everyday. I feel confident that I can handle the role of a web developer coder given an opportunity
    Current Status : Doomshell Software, Developer
  • Bharti Nokhwal

    1I found the training methodology excellent and unique. This PHP training gives practical exposure to PHP concepts and live projects. I would like to recommend this training to my friends because I got placed in the company after completing this training. I feel confident that I can handle the role of a web developer/coder given an opportunity
    Current Status : Black Lotus, Developer
  • Manu Purohit

    1First of all, thanks for the amazing training, I'd never reached that level of PHP Programmer knowledge in this short time. For me, PHP programming is a new field and that was a right start to dig deeper into it. So, thank you again to the DAAC institute.
    Current Status : Mart Ind Infotech, Developer
  • Mukesh Kumar Kumawat

    1DAAC helps in developing my career , teaching methodology & extra activities like aptitude, communicative English, personality development helps in gaining more knowledge.DAAC atmosphere is too good , faculties & staffs treating students as their friends
    Current Status : Symphony Infotech, Developer

Highly Recommendable
  • My experience with has been a collaborative effort with sales, design, project management, technical support, and customer service. I came to them with a vision-They embraced that vision, and added many features that I could never have imagined possible.
    Aditya Kashyap
    Owner CrystalTech
  • "It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Doomshell Academy of Advance Computing.
    ConceptWebWorld now has a very established business partnership with DAAC, which is due to the fact that DAAC never compromise on the quality of their service. As we are a service provider in a highly competitive industry, our employee consultant must understand and be able to assure ConceptWebWorld's standing within our industry.”
    Prakash Meghani
    -Dir. Conceptwebworld
  • if you're wishing to maximise the potential employees in your company. I would have no hesitation in recommending DAAC. Prathan Softwares have been utilising DAAC Institute's services for approximately two and a half years, providing trained Staff to our company. They have worked closely with our Management team, enabling effective communication and as a consequence, higher productivity."
    Vishal Shukla
    Pro. Manager Pratham Softwares
  • "Over the last 15 months DAAC Institute has played an important role in providing quality staff at Octal Softwares.
    "As an employer of many students from Doomshell Academy, I would highly recommend the program to any sincere candidates. The staff at DAAC is dedicated and professional, while the Degree is approved by the Punjab Technical University offers the highest quality preparation for this lucrative career. I have seen many Institutes, but DAAC is the best!"
    Arun Goyal
    Octal Softwares
  • "DAAC makes your company grow. The employees that we've hired from DAAC have been excellent." The employees I hired from DAAC have ample experience of working on projects directly little training on the working environment make them grab the flow easily. The employees are more focused on practical things than on just learning the theoretical aspects.
    I highly recommend students to take there guidance to make a mark in industry
    Khushboo Gangwani
    Trimurthy Infotech
  • DAAC have always taken the time to fully understand my requirements before supplying excellent candidates with a good skills match. I have found their consultants to be helpful, friendly and a pleasure to do business with. The designers are ready to work on projects and they don’t even need 10 days training also to start the live work. I recommend candidates who are looking for web designing should join them
  • Daac is extremely reliable and i would have no hesitation recomending them. Their approach is value added as they undersatnd our specific needs, the complexity of skills required and supply us with highly appropriate candidates.
    Anurag Jaju
    Shri info

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