Why React Native is Best Cross-Platform Development Language?

Mobile Development September 4, 2019

The explosive growth of the mobile app market in recent years is one of the best examples of the relentless speed of innovation developers have to deal with these days. In 2015, global mobile app revenues amounted to $69.7 billion, but they are projected to reach $188.9 billion by 2020. The React Native Core team is proud to announce the release of version 0.60. JavaScript framework for writing real, natively rendering iOS and Android applications.

React Native vs. Ionic vs. Flutter: Comparison of Top Cross-Platform App Development

React Native:

Backed by Facebook, React Native is a mobile app development tool to build cross-Platform apps on iOS, Android, and UWP Platforms with an ability to deliver native-like performance. It is used by many tech giants such as Instagram, Facebook, Airbnb, Walmart, Tesla, UberEats, and so on. Get Best Advance Training in React Native.


A Cross-Platform app is an app that can be used on multiple platforms using a single code base. As ‘cross-Platform’ and ‘hybrid’ apps are almost similar accept several structure and technologies differences, we are referring here Ionic as a cross-development app development tool. This is because, using ionic you can build cross-Platform hybrid apps(refer official website here) for web, native iOS, and Android Platforms.


Powered by Google, Flutter is a power player when it comes to delivering first-rate native experiences on Android and iOS Platforms. Flutter is growing in popularity and often compared with React Native and other best cross-Platform app development tools. It uses Dart, a programming language developed by Google and also uses many advanced features of popular programming languages.

React Native




Java Script and React

HTML, CSS, Java Script

Dart Language

Nature of Platform

Cross Platform

Hybrid Cross Platform

Cross Platform

Developed By

Facebook & Community

Drifty co.

Google & Community

Supported Plateform

UWP, Android, iOS

Android, iOS, Web

Android, iOS, Google Funsia

Front End Support

Native component and Declarative UI

HTML, CSS and Wide range of UI Designs

Great support for attractive Uis with built-in widgets.

Used by










Instant Pot



App Tree

Google Ads




Faster & Native like experience

Interactive & Faster Apps

High Performing & Graphically enhance Apps.

React Native — Future of cross-Platform Mobile app development

React Native is the native version of the popular JavaScript library. React-JS is maintained by the developers at Facebook and Instagram. React Native has already become one of the most popular trends for building native, dominant and high-quality mobile applications for both Platform iOS and Android. It has gained immense traction for making it possible to build mobile apps that stimulate the performance of native apps.

There are several reasons that the best mobile app development companies in India believe that React Native is the future of app development. These reasons are:

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Open Source
  • Shorter Development Cycle
  • Re- Utilisation of Code
  • Superior UI Experience
  • Better Functionality
  • Easy to Available Resource
  • One framework for multiple Platforms
  • Fast Reloading
  • Better Development Environment

Top 10 React Development Companies in India

1. GeekyAnts -Founded in the year 2006, GeekyAnts is a Bangalore based technology company that specializes in web and mobile app development. 2. WebClues Infotech- WebClues Infotech is a web and mobile app design and development company that delivers effective and successful solutions. 3. Inwizards- Started in 2009, Inwizards is specialized in Website & Mobile App Development, E-Commerce Solutions, React, React Native, Phonegap, Titanium, etc. 4. CronJ- As one of its early adopters, CronJ is one of the foremost React development companies in the country. CronJ’s developers are very competent and perseverance 5. Doomshell Software Pvt Ltd- Started in 2003, Doomshell Software is a Web and Mobile App development company. 6. DigiFutura- DigiFutura is a Bangalore based app development company that specializes in building MVPs for startups. 7. Bacancy Technology- Company strives to deliver value and high performance at every stage of product development, from planning to delivery. 8. Mobiloitte- Mobiloitte is a full-service mobile and web app development group. Mobiloitte is apt at the early adoption of new technologies to always stay ahead of the curve. 9. Cabot - Founded in 2006, Cabot has delivered over 500 projects for a diverse range of clients across a number of industry sectors. 10. Cloudseed - Founded in 2015, Cloudseed Technologies is a software development & services company that is focused on Cloud, Mobile, IoT Middleware Integration and User Experience.