Creative Ways To Improve Your React Native Development Skills

Mobile Development February 3, 2020
Creative Ways To Improve Your React Native Development Skills

React Native is a popular framework for mobile application development. It is famous because a developer needs to create the framework once and thereafter, just make simple bug fixes or error corrections. Also, in order to change from iOS to Android, the code doesn’t have to be altered. Instead, inside the Android/iOS simulator, only the “Device” has to be changed. So, ultimately, it saves the time of the developer and the company.

Also, the React Native framework, which was introduced by Facebook, is presently being used by many companies like Airbnb, Tesla, and Walmart. So, it has become a popular framework in the developer community. Every developer is trying to boost skills for developing the framework faster and finding creative ways to do so. This is because companies are searching for developers that have keen interest, knowledge, and aptitude to meet their organizational requirements. So, here are some hard and useful skills that people in the development community are focusing on:

Staying Up to Date About JaveScript

A keen interest and knowledge about JavaScript are necessary. DAAC, a center for React Native Training in Jaipur believes that this will enable a developer to understand application logic, services, and flow.

Keen Interest in iOS and Android

React Native is based upon the Native language. Therefore, developers should have a keen interest in the native functioning of iOS and Android app, so that they can make workable apps.

Able to Comprehend Assumptions

There are certainly a few assumptions associated with every framework. Even the React Native framework demands comprehension of assumptions. Therefore, you should have sound knowledge of concepts like Virtual DOM, JSX or component lifecycle.

Sound Knowledge of Tools and Technologies Associated with React Native

Apparently, there are many tools and technologies associated with the React Native framework. For example, Sentry is used for real-time error monitoring/tracking and fixing crashes. Similarly, Bitrise is used for making workflows better and increase automation. Likewise, there are other tools like Hockeyapp, Reux, ESLint, Jest, and Enzyme associated with the React Native framework. In order to be more creative developers should have good knowledge about these tools and technologies.

Make Readable Code

Developers who are trying to be the best in the industry are following certain guides like the Airbnb JS Style Guide or the Google JS Style Guide. This is enabling them to consistently create readable content. Eventually, helping to develop and maintain the app easily.

But, apart from all these hard skills, developers need to also develop a few soft skills such as:


Usually, companies already have a team of developers. Therefore, any new recruit must learn to communicate their language necessities with their co-developers. This can only be possible if a developer has experience or received training. DAAC, Advanced Training Institute in Jaipur makes sure that the communication skills of developers emerge with language training.

Always Interested in Gaining More Knowledge

Another option to find some creative ways to improve your React Native skills as a developer is to gain knowledge. The more knowledge you have the better coding and frameworks you will be able to create.

Ability to Solve Problems

One of the keen soft skills that companies are looking for in their new recruits is problem-solving ability or approach. However, as mentioned earlier, you can only solve problems if you have experience or completed a React Native course in Jaipur from DAAC.

Keeping an Open Mind

The best developers in the market are always open to new ideas, approaches, and solutions. This helps to boost their skills and find time-saving solutions. A developer interested in finding the best solutions can find it in online/offline groups or communities. He/she can even receive the best ideas from his/her colleagues.

Constructive Feedback

Developers who are trying to be the best and creative in the field of React Native framework should be able to listen to constructive feedback. If their judgments get clouded by emotions, then they might not be able to sustain themselves in a company.

Learning at an Institute

Lastly, as mentioned earlier, there are many benefits of the web development training course in Jaipur from DAAC. However, apart from the above-mentioned benefits it will also make you more confident, give your practical knowledge of the environment, and more.


React Native developers should not only have keen interest but also knowledge about the field. They should also practice using new tools and technologies. Developers should join both online and offline communities to stay up to date.

Additionally, companies prefer hiring experienced or certified developers. This is because unlike new developers they don’t require additional training. Thus, it is very much cost saving for the company. Also, DAAC certified or experienced recruits will certainly have hard and soft skills and be more fruitful for the company.