Mobile App Development Training Institute in Jaipur

Mobile Development January 13, 2020
Mobile App Development Training institute in Jaipur

Mobile application development training and certification is a term that denotes the act or process by which application software is developed for mobile devices. These applications can be pre-installed on phones during manufacturing platforms or delivered as web applications using server-side or client-side processing.

Importance of Mobile Application Development:

  1. High job security: The craze of mobile app development is increasing day by day, it opens various vacancies for the developers in the market. These days there is a great demand for mobile application developers.

  2. Launch your app: After completing your mobile application training you can launch your own mobile application on google or any other app store. By this, you can create your own brand.

  3. Enterprise application: Android and IOS developers can deal only with enterprise apps, you can offer them the app on a freelance basis.

  4. Cloud computing app: There is a huge demand for cloud computing in the market. People want cloud computing apps.

Some Other Important Points :

  • One-touch access

  • Scheduling

  • Build loyalty

  • To know the future marketing trend

  • Increase your visibility

  • Increase sell-through

  • Reinforce your brand

  • Act as a social platform

  • Increase sales

  • Future marketing trend

  • Directly communicates with customers

  • Better customer relations

  • Saves time and energy

  • Reaching customer on the go

  • Act as a promotional tool for the business

  • Revenue

  • Showcasing your product and services in the market

  • Works as a website on the app store

  • Workplace anywhere

  • Growth of e-business

Mobile Application Development Courses :

daac provides the best mobile application development course training. We have some of the best professional trainers from whom you get the best learning experience: We provide IOS and ANDROID app development courses.

Android Mobile Application Development :

Android is an open-source operating system mostly used in smart devices. It is easy to use. Android app development is the process of creating new applications for android devices. Generally, the android app is written in C++, Java and kotlin languages.

We offer the best android app development course in Jaipur, our course includes the following topics :

  • Introduction to Android Training

  • Android Training: Setting Up Android Development Environment

  • Android Training: Android UI and Adapters

  • Android Training: Activity, Intent, Broadcast Receiver, and Dialog

  • Working in Background: Services

  • Introducing SQLite Database and Content Provider

  • Audio, Video, and Camera

  • Bluetooth, Networks, Wi-Fi, sensors and 2D Animation

  • Web Services

  • Telephony and SMS

  • Developing Application for Tablets

  • Google Maps and Location-Based Services

  • Files, Shared Preference and SD card

IOS Mobile Application Development:

IOS is a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple inc. for its hardware. It is the operating system that is presently used by many of the company’s mobile devices. It is one of the most popular mobile operating systems globally after android.

There are two main categories of ios app development :

  • Native ios app development

  • Hybrid ios app development

1. Native Ios App Development: The native ios development uses the power of development tools and languages like Xcode, objective-C, and Swift.

2. Hybrid Ios App Development: Hybrid application development uses standard web technologies such as CSS, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, REACT NATIVE, etc.

The ios app development course in our training institute includes the following topics:

  • IOS Introduction

  • Basic Concept

  • XCode

  • Phone Application Life Cycle

  • Exploring Interface Builder & MVC

  • Advanced interference Objects

  • Database Working

  • Navigating Data

  • Integration with core service

Why Daac?

Daac is one of the finest institutes in Jaipur. Daac is owned and managed by Doomshell software Pvt. Ltd. Daac has many branches and some of the best professionals, the students here get the best learning experience and we have open doors for placements as well.

  • Experienced faculty: The faculty in Daac is highly professional and has more than 5+ years of experience . They are always ready to help students.

  • Live projects: At Daac , we provide practical knowledge. The students are given some live projects to be worked on.

  • Latest tools and technologies: Our team works on the latest technologies and keeps our students updated about the latest trends.

  • Certification: We provide certificates to the students once the exams are conducted. This helps them for further training and learning purposes.

  • Placement : we assure 100% placement guarantee.

If you are looking for an app development institute or training center in Jaipur, we suggest you Daac . With daac you will have a great learning experience and our professionals are ready to help you with all your queries. For further queries contact us: